Product Review Policies

1) All products reviewed on Survival Weekly are either purchased by the reviewer or are provided by the manufacturer or reseller of the product. In either case, absolutely no special treatment should be expected as none is given with respect to the review. All reviews are impartial and contain the honest opinion of the reviewer.

2) All products sent to Survival Weekly for the purposes of review become property of the reviewer, unless other arrangements are made and agreed to in advance. If the product sample is to be returned to the sender, postage or other shipping fees are to be paid by the sender.

3) We strive to have product reviews posted within 2 weeks of our receipt of the product samples. While we cannot absolutely guarantee that time frame, that is always our goal.

4) As a matter of routine, we will email the supplier of the sample upon our receipt of the product to let you know we have it in hand. We will email you again once the review is posted, so as to provide you a link to it.

If you are interested in having Survival Weekly review your product, our shipping address is:

Survival Weekly
P.O. Box 596
Woodstock, IL 60098

If your standard shipping method requires a physical address, please email

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