Where’s Jimmy?

You can connect with Jim Cobb outside of Survivalweekly.com, too! (Though we aren’t sure even Jim knows all the places he is on a given day.)

Want to find Jim?  Try these places where Jim is known to reside:

Looking for a podcast?

EMP, plague, nuclear war, massive floods, zombies, the list of fictional end of the world scenarios goes on and on. We’ll talk about these and more each week at the Library at End of the World podcast.

Or tune in to his video show:

Jim hosts a bimonthly show on AroundtheCabin.com called Get Prepped with Jim Cobb. The show airs live on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month, beginning at 8PM Central.

Maybe you’d rather curl up with a good book?

Check out Jim’s books on Amazon, or your favorite bookstore.

Want to see Jim in person?

Check the calendar for his latest events.


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